Bitcoin Bounces Back To Over $7000 In 11% Rise

18 July, 2018-  Today, Bitcoin climbs up nearly 11% in 24 hours and reaches a price of $7400. This is around an $800 price jump from yesterday.

After 2018 has not been so “hot” of a year for crypto in terms of price, today brings many coins up 5-11%. This is due to the positive news surrounding Bitcoin, leading to other coins such as Waves, LTC, and XRP  to have gone up 8-10%.

Due to the 800$ price Jump, this affair has lead to Bitcoin raising over 9 Billion dollars to its market cap in a matter of minutes!

What Caused This Jump?

There are many possible variables in the jump, but an important one is David Solomon’s appointment as the new Chief Executive of Goldman Sachs.

Last Month, Solomon was quoted Goldman is looking in to adding further bitcoin and cryptocurrency services

Many people banking on Bitcoin are hoping that as Mainstream Financial Services join the bandwagon, prices will go up.


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