Blockchain: Imusify’s Solution Towards The Struggling Musician

Today, the aspiring musician struggles to earn in the rapid transition to digital media. The Berlin based company, Imusify, seeks to solve that through the use of Blockchain.

It’s been known that it is harder for an artist to earn revenue due to the advent of digital media. Not only does the artist struggle, but large organizations continue to grow and withhold unfair portions of revenue through exploitation of artists and their creative content The artist has only been seeing diminishing returns due to their exploitation from the centralized music industry.

Imusify claims that their platform will allow artists and creators to retain direct control over their work throughout the
distribution process, and facilitates a peer-to-peer exchange of value between creators,consumers and other industry contributors.

For aspiring musicians, Imusify offers an interesting solution in the current music economy.

It allows a decentralized marketplace for music. It is a melting pot of crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, economic and social networks


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