Blockchain-Powered Research Laboratory to Open in Ateneo

Ateneo de Manila University, one of the oldest universities in the Philippines, recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with MediXServe to open one of the first blockchain-powered research laboratories in the country.

According to an announcement on the MediXServe Facebook page, the Ateneo-MediXServe Blockchain Education and Research (AMBER) Laboratory will be launched “to support research, incubation and education of blockchain technologies”.

The AMBER Laboratory will also be actively funding a variety of startups and research ventures in different fields, such as healthcare and fintech. Furthermore, Dr. Maria Luz Vilches, vice president of the Loyola Schools, also mentioned that the collaboration is also a step taken to combat poverty.

“I think it is heartening to know that there is this collaboration that is not just for profit; it helps the vision of defeating poverty,” Dr. Vilches said, “”It is a very ambitious goal. As our university president Fr. Jett Villarin SJ said, ‘We might not be able to reach the goal, but that is the goal. We have to keep on getting at it.’

The laboratory will be located at the Ateneo School of Science and Engineering.

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