BTC Hidden in No Man’s Sky, Yet to be Found

A certain amount of bitcoin was hidden by two brothers, both fans of cryptocurrency and the action-adventure survival game No Man’s Sky developed and published by Hello Games studio, in the game’s universe. Through this treasure hunt, Jon Creasy and his brother aims to introduce and further endorse cryptocurrency to the ever growing gaming community.

With the game’s massive universe (containing around more than 18 quintillion planets scattered among 256 galaxies), it would take a player a whole lot of time, even more than a year, to simply explore these planets, let alone find the treasure. Luckily enough, the two brothers left hints to aid the aspiring treasure hunters with their adventure. According to the brothers, they left the address code in 2 communications stations found within the Endanko System.

First of two communications station containing bitcoin seed

Even though it seems like that the bounty (0.004 BTC) isn’t worth the time and effort needed to complete the task, the intentions of the brothers remain to be genuine and true to the cause. As cryptocurrency and blockchain is slowly but surely being adopted through various cases, the introduction of crypto to gaming would be none less.

Second of two communications station containing bitcoin seed

In a twitter poll conducted by BlockTower Capital CIO Ari Paul with a sample size of 5800, it can be found that around 25% voted for Gaming & Collectibles. It would be safe to assume that this represents the immediate interest of the diverse gaming community on the development and usage of crypto in their sector.

There’s currently probably less than 1 million daily active users of cryptocurrency (if we exclude pure speculation and passive hodling.) Which use case will first take us over 10 million active daily users?— Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul) August 1, 2018

Through the interesting gimmick of the Creasy brothers and other puzzles such as this, this might just be an important step in being able to establish a global industry that would further support the growth of cryptocurrencies in the future world.

It’s not difficult to imagine a future where gaming becomes a global industry built on cryptocurrency (something like Ready Player One, maybe?), but it will take pioneers. It is our desire to encourage people in that direction.

Jon Creasy, Gamer Noon

If you would like to learn more about the treasure hunt, you could visit the original article found here and learn more about the status of the hunt here. -Decentrist

Photo credits to Hacker Noon and Jon Creasy

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