Manila Based Introduces New Gaming Ecosystem Platform Using Hedera Hashgraph, a company founded within the Philippines, announces that their gaming ecosystem platform would support Hedera Hashgraph, a public distributed ledger, alongside conventional blockchain systems.

“We’ve chosen to support Hedera Hashgraph because its technology allows for lightning-fast transaction speeds with very minimal gas costs, two the biggest problems blockchain developers are facing today.”

Gabby Dizon, Chairman

With the launch of the gaming ecosystem platform later in 2018, this will enable game developers to create their own cryptoitems which will have its own value both in their respective games and within the gaming ecosystem. The cryptoitems could then be used as a token that would benefit both the developers and the buyer.

Having the inherent characteristics of being non-fungible and unique, the tokens would allow the developers to raise funds for their games. For the buyers, they will have exclusive items that possess both value and expresses their support for the game developers.

With this self-sustaining model, this would replace the current era of “freemium” games that would eventually die off due to the lack of proper funding and support. However, this model has the downside of being costly due to gas fees and slow due to the high amount of individual and unique transactions. Through the implementation of Hedera Hashgraph, this would solve these problems.

Through the “Gossip about gossip” and “Virtual voting” features of the Hashgraph, this would allow for faster transactions between developers and the clients and less gas fees due to the system hogging less resources per transaction.

The platform would allow developers to tokenize their game assets in the gaming ecosystem.

With the introduction of Hashgraph, developers can then be allowed to port from blockchain to the new alternative.

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