Manny Pacquiao Promoting Token Sale??

Manny Pacquiao is publicizing the initial public token sale of GCOX(Global Crypto Offering Exchange), a company he is working with to create his own cryptocurrency the “PACTOKEN”.

In a tweet last night, Manny announces the Launch of the token sale of his Partners GCOX.

GCOX made its presence known to the Philippines due to its partnership with Filipino Senator, Manny Pacquiao. After announcing their launch of an ICO in the Blockhain Asia Forum back in May 30, many are excited to see a platform that tokenises popularity. Besides the Filipino Senator, another notable celebrity involved with GCOX is former International Football superstar, Michael Owen. It is exciting to see how far popularity could bring value.

In the good light, the Senator brings more opportunity for cryptocurrency and blockchain to thrive in the Philippines. His popularity may be a spark to guiding cryptocurrency and blockchain’s acceptance in the mainstream. Events like these may become future building blocks in the crypto industry in the Philippines.

Criticism of the Senator remains however, because of his involvement in many different industries, cryptocurrency now included, may be a detriment to his work as a politician. This idea may be be more believable due to him not retiring from boxing as well.

The partnership of his with GCOX may not be necessarily great for the company’s presence in the Philippines due to his controversial stances towards different topics such as the death penalty and support of drug hating President, Rodrigo Duterte.

His popularity in the Philippines remains high but is seeing cracks after comments from citizens about his sub-par work as a senator and as a former congressman. We can only see whether he truly can tokenize his popularity.

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