ripple exec claims xrp will boom

Ripple Exec Claims XRP Will Boom

July 29, 2018- Cory Johnson, Chief Market Strategist of Ripple, claims XRP will skyrocket while BTC is breaking down.

In an interview with Fox News, he claimed that Ripple’s XRP token utilizes better technology compared to Bitcoin and that over time XRP would beat Bitcoin in terms of price. Johnson claims that XRP not only is better than Bitcoin, but compared to other tokens, Ripple moves really fast and has very low transaction costs. This would allow businesses to quickly transfer money globally.

According to him the price of XRP is not reliant on Bitcoin

After a period of ups and downs for Bitcoin due to speculation of a development of an  ETF and the SEC’s publicized rejection of it, it was highly apparent that XRP remained stable.

Though there may not be as much potential for short term gains to its stability, XRP’s independence may make it a highly important token in the industry.

It pushes the cryptocurrency movement forward by showing coins can be independent of Bitcoin’s price by having an intrinsic value.

XRP warmly welcomes regulation

Ripple welcomes regulation and stated that they are thrilled that regulators are getting involved. According to Ripple, One person’s regulation is another person’s protection.

While we do know the potential of Ripple due to its plentiful positives, only time can tell its success.

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