Smartmatic Plans to Use Blockchain for Future Elections

Smartmatic Philippines, an electronic voting company, has recently been making efforts to plan the usage of blockchain technology in the country’s future elections to offer a more convenient method of voting.

The company aims to apply blockchain technology to online voting systems. This move is in an effort to lessen road traffic during elections and crowding in voting centers, as well as to better ensure the security of the ballots.

In a report by The Philippine Star, Jane Coo, Smartmatic Philippines president, stated, “We [a]re still studying if [blockchain technology] would be applicable here in the Philippines. Our system is extremely secure and transparent. Blockchain will make it even more secure and transparent.”

If this pushes through, it will not be the first time the company will use blockchain technology. Smartmatic-Cybernetica had previously used the technology to facilitate a regional referendum in the county of Finnmark, Norway back in 2016.

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